Scheduled-Pick up or Delivery

Call to schedule an order and forget about it.  Just provide us with the time and date you need, and Cardinal Courier will take care of it. No need to worry, you can Count on Cardinal to be there when you need it most!


Dedicated Driver

We provide dedicated drivers to make your deliveries on time while getting familiar with your customers and routes. You can Count on Cardinal to give you a consistent, polite, courteous and professional driver.


Fleet Outsourcing

Because of the all the involvements of running an in-house fleet, many private carriers veer away from their core competencies of their business in order to keep the distribution and last mile delivery of their products in-house. These carriers effectively run small trucking companies in addition to running their own business. 

You can Count on Cardinal to manage your fleet and let you focus on your core business.

While running a private fleet comes with its share of potential benefits, there are significant obstacles that motivates a large number of shippers to seek outside help. Private fleets are responsible for scheduling, routing and technology implementation. Combine this with the cost of insurance, driver recruitment and driver wages, and you have a bill capable of destroying a company.

Count on Cardinal to limit your liability, increase profits, and improve customer service